joi, 24 martie 2011

Guitar Neck (Scalloped neck)

What is Neck scalloping?
Neck scalloping is the removal of fret board wood or material between each fret. The two popular types of procedures to scallop a fret board are "barrel- straight through automated machined" and "hand scallops (which follow the neck radius)" DC Custom Guitars offers hand scalloping because we feel not only is a radius hand scalloped neck more natural & comfortable to play, but in fact it leaves more wood intact which equals a stronger, straighter neck. When the procedure is complete, the fret board will look identical to many popular shredder custom shop necks found on high end guitars.

So Why Scallop?
There are many reasons why some musicians prefer scalloped fret boards over conventional fret boards. The most important reason and most noticeable advantage is more control of the note being fretted. More control of each note being fretted equals better tone and a cleaner sound no matter how fast you are playing. This also means more control when bending and using the vibrato/pull on/off techniques. The extra control is due to the fact that your fingers wrap themselves around the string, instead of being bottomed out on a conventional flat fret board. More surface area of your finger has a grip on the string which gives you the advantage of gaining complete control of each note! Unlock the secrets of Blackmore, Malmsteen, Stump, Cascione, and Impellitteri & get shredding!!

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