joi, 9 septembrie 2010

Guitar Tech Stuff

POTS: ...a VERY general "rule-of-thumb":

1Meg = ear-piercing, shrill
500K = bright, punchy
300K = clean, articulate
250K = normal FENDER

1Meg = bright
500K = punchy
300K = normal GIBSON
250K = dull, constrained

Common Capacitor Values
.005 mf Treble and bright flow though easily
.033 mf Cuts out a small amount of brights, has good mid range,
.047 mf Beefier sounding, lots of mids and bass , most electric guitars don't exceed this value
.100 mf Bass sounding, almost all brights are gone, used mostly in electric bass and active pickups

Choosing the right capacitor value:

Guitar re-wiring:

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